Florence, Italy


Florence 2004

Following the successful Iron Maiden Virtual XI European football tour CUP had stayed in touch with their Italian friends and were asked to bring the UK Cup Stars team to play the Italian equivalent. Iron Maidens Steve Harris was to work closely with CUP to make it happen while CUP brought Rod Stewart on board. Huge artists Rick Wakeman, Spandau Ballet, Mick Hucknall, Paul Young, Jason Orange and more joined legends Ian Rush, Paul Gascoigne and manager Joe Jordan for the private plane trip to Italy. Paolo di Canio and co-manager Claudio Ranieri joined on arrival as Rod flew in on his own plane. Over 50,000 people attended and 5 million watched on Rai Uno TV as the Italians led by Gianni Morandi and starring Eros Ramazzotti fought in an unbelievable 6-6 draw with goals from Rush, Di Canio, Gascoigne & Harris while 600k was raised. The UK Cup Stars were to triumph on penalties and Rod was to return with a huge trophy to his home in Essex.


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