Colchester United FC


Colchester 2008

Several close celebrity CUP friends had empathy for the Armed Forces and a meeting at Colchester Army Barracks sparked ideas for a Game of History between The Army and CUP Stars. Tony Hadley had performed for the soldiers and with CUP supported a very lively ‘warm up’ match between The Marines & Paras. Following this The Game of History gathered pace as the original barracks team became the crack Army side. Lee Sharpe, Neville Southall and Mickey Thomas were hastily invited with some of the better celebrity players including Ralf Little, Tamer Hassan, Gordon Smart, Simon Webbe & Danny Dyer to tackle them at Colchester FC. Over 5,000 fans turned up to support. Despite the colossal Southall in goal The Army raced into a 3-0 lead. While CUP regrouped The Army eased up and goals were traded for the remaining hour. With help from some generous refereeing from Mark Halsey the entertaining game ended in a diplomatic 5-5 draw with mutual respect all round. The afterparty was as memorable as the stay the night before in the allegedly haunted oldest hotel in England.


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